Behaviour management


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Behaviour Management Statement: At Albany Creek Primary School we expect that everyone will think ahead and make responsible decisions that respect the rights, feelings, and safety of all concerned. 

The school has a well documented and highly effective Student Code of Conduct (PDF, 2MB)​ which is available for perusal in the school foyer. Our fundamental commitment is to provide a learning environment which fosters independence, self-esteem and responsibility in the areas of:

  • health and safety
  • courtesy and consideration
  • care for the environment

Students, teachers, parent, caregivers and members of the School Community have the right to be treated with respect and consideration.

A School Code and set of rules have been set down. ​It is expected that parents and caregivers will co-operate with teachers in making children aware of their obligations. Obedience to school rules and observance of the School Code will ensure that a child will develop respect for community rules and the laws of the land.

School code 

It is the aim of every pupil of this school to:
  • be courteous, unselfish and friendly.
  • get on well with others in the classroom and playground.
  • observe the simple courtesies of everyday living.
  • be dependable and play an active and co-operative part in affairs of the school.
  • appreciate what others have done and are doing for you.
  • accept responsibility.
  • set a good example.
  • take pride in personal achievement.
  • try to do the best at all times in all areas of school activity.
  • have respect for personal property and the property of others.
  • take pride in personal appearance.
  • live up to the school motto 'A sound mind in a sound body'.
  • laugh with others, not at them.
  • win humbly and lose cheerfully.
  • know the rules and enjoy the game.

Rules have been drawn up so that the School Community functions within certain standards of safety, comfort and hygiene. It is of course, our responsibility to make children aware of these rules and their responsibility to observe them.

The following rules have been included in this booklet as a guide to parents:

  • Once children arrive at school in the morning they are not permitted to leave until 3pm unless special permission is obtained from the Principal or Deputy Principals. A request in writing or via phone is required if parents or caregivers want their child to leave the school for any reason.
  • Children are to go home immediately they are dismissed unless they are:
    • waiting for a bus, parents, caregivers or older brothers or sisters
    • engaged in supervised sports training or after school activities. If parents or caregivers fail to collect children at the appointed time, the children are required to report to the school office and advise staff accordingly. 
  • Only authorised vehicles are permitted to enter the school grounds. Cars are not to enter the grounds for the picking up and setting down of children.
  • Children are not to enter or leave the grounds by the main double gate or the service road double gates adjacent to the Preparatory Precinct.
  • The roadway and parking area are at all times non-play areas.
  • Children are expected to wear the full school uniform. Broad brimmed hats or bucket hats are an essential component of the uniform.
  • Some school facilities are available for use out of school hours. These include the oval and the tennis courts. The approval of the Principal must be secured before using school facilities.
  • Skateboards are not permitted at school.
  • The riding of bicycles, scooters and skateboards is not permitted in the school grounds. 
  • Bicycle racks are provided for the convenience of student. Students are expected to walk their bicycles and scooters from the school boundary to the bicycle racks.  Students are encouraged to lock their bikes and scooters to the racks to prevent theft.
  • There will be no change to start and finishing times on days when it is wet.
  • Children should not leave money and or other valuables in their school bags. Money should be carried personally or handed to the class teacher for safekeeping.
  • As the physical environment of the school is important, children are expected to play their part in ensuring that grounds are free of litter.
  • Rules common to most schools apply. These include no chewing gum, no bubble gum, no playing with sticks and stones, no climbing trees.
  • Children are not permitted to bring dangerous objects to school, as they could cause a threat to the safety of others. (Such actions could result in suspension or exclusion.)
  • Persistent unacceptable / anti-social or aggressive behaviour could lead to suspension or exclusion.
  • The school promotes a proactive Positive Behaviour Program (BUZZA) which includes Social Skills in all grades and utilises a reflect and plan process for playground misbehaviour.
Last reviewed 07 April 2022
Last updated 07 April 2022