Responsible Behaviour Program


Please discuss ‘Buzza' and what Buzza says. Each week details will be included in the Creek Weekly to highlight the specific behaviours that the teachers will be explicitly teaching.

12 October

Congratulations to our Buzza Award recipients this week.


14 September

Congratulations to our Buzza award recipients this week.



7 September

Congratulations to our Buzza award recipients this week.


Buzza 150 Presentation


Buzza 45 Presentation


Buzza 90 Medallion Presentation 

31 August

Congratulations to our Buzza award recipients this week.


24 August

Congratulations to our Buzza award recipients this week.



29 June

Congratulations to all our Buzza Award winners this week. Keep up the fine effort! We look forward to seeing you back next term for Junior Assembly. We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday.

22 June

Congratulations to our Buzza award recipients this week.


15 June

Congratulations to our Buzza award recipients this week.


8 June

Yesterday, Mr Tim Mander, State Member for Everton, was our special guest at assembly to present Buzza Awards. In the history of Buzza Awards at Albany Creek SS, Zalira (6E), is our first student being recognised for achieving the 150 Buzza Award.

Congratulations to Zalira on this achievement, it is something in which I am sure she is proud of achieving. Congratulations to the Buzza 90 awards recipients as well. It is great that so many of our students achieve this recognition in regards to meeting the school’s expectation, these students certainly become great role models for all students in the school. Well done!

Well done to all our Buzza Award winners this week. Your efforts to demonstrate how to be responsible, respectful, safe learners is commendable.



Mrs Dickson-Ford congratulated Billie from Prep who she noticed on Buzza Watch throughout the week caring for our school environment by cleaning up rubbish that wasn't hers. Well done Billie. 


1 June

Congratulations to our Buzza 15 recipients this week, also congratulations to all the P-2 students who received a Buzza Award this week. As we hurtle to the end of term it is impressive to see a continued focus on positive behaviour and effort across our Junior school. Well done and keep up the fine effort.


25 May

Congratulations to the students who have received recognition for their excellent Buzza behaviours.


18 May

Zalira is our first student to earn 150 stickers! Well done Zalira. You are a fantastic leader and ambassador in our school, exemplifying the qualities of being respectful, responsible and a learner.

Towards the end of last year the Leadership Team decided upon a special 'Buzza 150' Badge to celebrate and mark this great milestone. Zalira enjoyed a sneak peek at the new badge and will receive it officially in week 8 at the 'Buzza 90' Assembly, 7 June.

Buzza Awards for Week 5

Congratulations to everyone who received an award this week! It is truly a pleasure to see Buzza behaviour demonstrated each and every day at Albany Creek.


Buzza Watch…Congratulations Rhys – Prep 5

Last week Buzza was on the lookout and discovered Rhys in Prep 5 demonstrating outstanding Buzza behaviour. At Albany Creek we strive to always do the right thing even when no one is watching. Keep up the great effort Rhys!!

11 May

Well done to the students receiving Buzza awards this week!


Buzza 150!!!

Wow! Amazing! Awesome! Zalira is our first student to earn a whopping 150 Buzza stickers! Well done Zalira. Congratulations. You are a fantastic leader in our school; consistently being Responsible, Respectful, Safe and a Learner.

Zalira enjoyed a sneak peak at the award for Buzza 150...stay tuned!


4 May

It was my pleasure to award many students with Buzza certificates and badges for being responsible, respectful, safe and learners.


Junior Assembly - This week we had our first Junior Assembly for term 2. We welcomed Mr Brady to the celebrations to congratulate our Buzza Award winners for this week. Congratulations to everyone who received an award this week…we are so proud of our youngest Buzza students!


Buzza Watch - Choosing Kindness

This week our focus on Junior Assembly highlighted the importance of demonstrating and choosing kindness.

We show that we are responsible and respectful by treating others how we would like to be treated…with kindness and care:

  • Choose to be polite – use your manners.
  • Be helpful in your actions and your words.
  • Care for all people not just your close friends. 

29 March

Buzza Awards for Week 10

This week marked my first term presenting our Junior School students their Buzza Award certificates. What a pleasure it has been to witness such diligent, kind and friendly students enjoy applauding the efforts of their peers. Congratulations to everyone who received an award this week…keep shining brightly.


Buzza Watch…Brought to us this week by Savy… 3D…Top secret…

Thank you to Savy for sharing your amazing artistic capability with our school this week. Savy has demonstrated the qualities we admire at Albany Creek State School….being a respectful, responsible Buzza learner. She has been working on a top secret independent project to surprise Mr Kingston over the last week. Mr Kingston is loved and respected by all who have the pleasure of meeting him and working with him…Savy is no exception. Savy has been playing a game this week with our Prep-Year 3 students by sharing clues across the week in the form of a WHO AM I. She also took advantage of our iPad technology to create a stop motion clip to reveal the subject of her creation. Today, Savy presented the final clues and presented the portrait she created on the Whole School Assembly to Mr Kingston. Well done Savy…I know Mr Kingston was very proud to be a recipient of your portrait and appreciated your efforts. 

23 March

Buzza Awards for Week 9

Congratulations on another delightful Junior Assembly... to all the Buzza award winners this week, we are so proud of the continued focus of our P-2 students striving to be Buzza Responsible, Respectful, Safe, Learners.

Buzza Watch…Brought to us this week by Ms Blackburn and 2B….How to Care for our Ipads.

Thank you to Ms Blackburn and the students of 2B for your presentation on Junior Assembly teaching us how to be safe, respectful and responsible Learners when working in class on our IPads. We are so grateful that at Albany Creek we have the privilege of having so many state of the art devices to work on each day and so proud that our youngest students treat them with care and respect.


16 March

9 March

Special Assembly

Our whole school assembly this week provided us with an opportunity to congratulate students awarded Buzza certificates, badges and medallions.



Junior Assembly

Buzza Awards for Week 7

Another impressive Junior Assembly…congratulations to all the Buzza award winners this week…with the end of term quickly approaching a continued focus on exemplary behaviour has been commendable…our teachers and the leadership team of Albany Creek are very proud of our youngest students.


Buzza Watch…Being the best Buzza learner we can be...

Thank you Sinsai Fineran and 6E for supporting our P-2 students to be prepared for our special whole school Assembly next Monday 12 March at 9am. We look forward to welcoming our Japanese visitors and feel well prepared and proud as Buzza learners to demonstrate our respect and care as an Albany Creek family and community.


2 March

Buzza Awards, birthdays and Buzza wisdom...

Buzza Awards for Week 6

Another delightful Junior Assembly…..congratulations to all the Buzza award winners this week….we are so proud of you.

Buzza Birthdays

This week we were joined by some senior students from Ms Alcock’s year 6 class. They loved the opportunity to re-experience the Junior Assembly, so much so they even joined in the tradition of celebrating birthdays each Assembly.

Buzza Watch…..Being the best Buzza learner we can be...

This week’s focus was brought to us by Mrs Gouwentak-Kittel and the students of 1E who encouraged us to be responsible Buzza learners by following the class routines that set us up for great days of learning and fun.


23 February

Junior Assembly

Week 5 has been a busy week with classes learning and having lots of fun together. This week's Buzza Watch was assisted by Mrs Hitchener's Year 3 class who demonstrated how to be a team. Thank you 3E and thank you Mrs Hitchener. Congratulations to the Buzza Award winners this week, fabulous effort.


16 February

Our three buddy benches have arrived. Our appreciation is extended to Albany Creek Lions Club, The Albany Creek State School Parents and Citizens' Association and to the Student Council for sponsoring the purchase of a buddy bench. The purpose of the buddy bench program is to provide a place for a student to sit if he or she is in need of a friend. The students will be taught, as part of our Responsible Behaviour Program, to look out for boys and girls who may be sitting on a buddy bench. It was very fitting that the first students to sit on the bench when it was unveiled during the fulllschool assembly were our latest Buzza recipients.

The original plan was to purchase buddy benches made of timber. After presentations by our Year Four students about the importance of recycling, we investigated the possibility of sourcing benches made from recycled product. We were successful. Our buddy benches are made from recycled plastic including recycled plastic bags. This week as part of our engaging assembly presentations, Mrs Porter and the students from 6A shared with us much more information about recycling and our buddy benches. Each buddy bench weighs 85kg and has saved 21 500 plastic bags going into landfill, or worse into waterways, creeks, rivers and the ocean. The 6A students demonstrated that when we tie plastic shopping bags together we need two-hundred bags to make a 100 metre long chain of bags. If all of the plastic bags used to make our three buddy benches were joined together, the line of bags would stretch from Albany Creek State School to Caboolture.

Thank you students for your presentation and for reinforcing the need to take responsibility for our environment. And yes, all of the students know that we should not put plastic shopping bags into the yellow lid recycling bins. Our nearest collection spot for plastic shopping bags is Coles Albany Creek.




9 February

Congratulations to our latest recipients of Buzza Awards. We always take great pride in acknowledging the achievements of our students as they strive to model the behaviours that help to define Albany Creek State School as a responsible, safe, respectful school where learning is most important.


Buzza Awards for Week 3

It was yet again a pleasure to applaud the achievements of this week’s Buzza Award winners in P-2. Congratulations to all for upholding our Buzza expectations to be Safe, to be Responsible, to be Respectful and be a Learner. Well done!

Buzza Watch for this week was brought to us by Lachlan in Prep who reminded us how to be sun safe. For those who were able to attend you would have seen how proud Lachlan was to be part of this section of the Junior Assembly. Also, helping out this week to teach us how to be safe in the playground were Year 2 students Kate, Aimee and Stuart. The manner and confidence in which these students undertook the task of sharing our Buzza expectations is inspirational and a model for the standard we uphold at ACSS.

2 February

This week we presented our first Buzza Awards. Congratulations are extended to Saunder, Harry and Zowie on being presented with their certificates for receiving fifteen Buzza stickers.


Buzza Award winners for Week 2 – Congratulations may you continue to shine!


Junior Assembly

This week was a week of firsts, with the commencement of the Junior Assembly program for 2018 and my first opportunity to conduct it. As a new staff member I have been truly touched by the positive school culture that is an inherent part of the Albany Creek State School community. It was lovely to continue to meet ‘new’ and existing parents, grandparents and caregivers, your support and attendance at this event is impressive and confirmation that Albany Creek is a special place to be. I indeed feel privileged to know that I get to share in this experience with you, each and every week.

It was also wonderful to see our school’s values and beliefs in action with all students demonstrating respectful audience participation as we celebrated birthdays and commended our Buzza award recipients. Congratulations to all of our Buzza award winners you should feel very proud of your efforts.



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