Road safety precautions


​​​​At school, children are constantly urged to become Road Safety conscious. Assistance is given to teachers by lecturers from the Road Safety Council and the following​ points are stressed:

  • Always use the crossing where one is provided.
  • Look right, left and right again before crossing the road.
  • Observe traffic lights where provided.
  • Keep to the extreme left when cycling and always in a single file.
  • Keep all object and hands and feet inside the bus at all times.
  • If using b​us transport, after alighting from bus, wait until the bus draws away before crossing the street.

School Crossing Rules and Information 

  • Children riding bicycles should wear helmets as per law.


At a supervised crossing the supervisor will ask all pedestrians, both children and adult, to wait on the footpath. When a suitable gap appears in the traffic from both directions, the supervisor will extend the stop sign to face traffic, proceed to centre of crossing, with STOP sign displayed. The supervisor will blow Two blasts of the whistle to indicate that pedestrians may then cross. Pedestrians should keep left and walk straight across. One whistle blast means it is not safe to cross and all pedestrians must then wait on the footpath. When all pedestrians have cleared the crossing, the Supervisor then returns to footpath. Cars should not move until the supervisor reaches the footpath.

Children ​on ​​bicycles

All cyclists will dismount and walk their bicycles over the crossing. Bicycle racks are located behind Grayson Hall and adjacent to the modular buildings at the back of the school.

No standing areas

The No Standing Anytime signs or No Standing 8am-4pm signs serve to protect an area either side of the crossing. It is important that this area is kept free of all vehicles so that supervisors have a clear view of approaching traffic. Supervisors are required to report the registration number and details of offenders' vehicles. Appropriate action will follow. Parents delivering or waiting for children have no exemption. Please assist supervisors to protect your children and their friends.

Movement b​​etween home a​nd school

All children should be thoroughly familiar with the roads and bike paths to be used between home and school. They should be made aware of any special road hazards and know road crossings and elementary rules for safety.

Children should be warned against loitering on the way home, visiting friends without your express approval or talking to strangers.

School s​​afe c​​ommittee 

P&C members and the Principal meet with a representative of Moreton Bay Regional Council from time to time to discuss safety aspects on roads near the school.

Parking​ and ​​traffic

Difficulties can arise with traffic congestion on the access road at the front of the school. By law parking in front of the Prep Campus should be parallel parking and only at the times specified on the signs there. If cars are parked correctly the four large buses which come to the school each morning and afternoon have enough room to turn and therefore do not hold up traffic.

The access road in front of the school is for two-way traffic - not one way as some people assume.

The management of Coles have no objection to parents parking at the rear of their store for easy access to the gate at the rear of the school. Many parents find it convenient to use this access but are asked to respect the privilege provided by exercising extreme care when dropping off and picking up children.

Dangerous practices that cause concern:

  • Parents waiting at the traffic lights to pick up their children. This stops pedestrians from crossing and holds up many cars.​
  • Parents driving into the main school driveway and then reversing out. The school entrance driveway is not an appropriate area to drop children off unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Parking in the bus bay.
  • The footpath in front of the school is not a bikeway so bikes should not be ridden on this path. Where footpaths can be used as bikeways there are appropriate signs. The footpath across the road from the school is also a bikeway. Where bikes and pedestrians both use the same pathway, pedestrians have the right of way. Common sense and common courtesy should prevail.
Last reviewed 18 August 2023
Last updated 18 August 2023